Mirzapur District

Mirzapur District: A Tapestry of Heritage and Nature

Introduction of Mirzapur District

Nestled within the heart of Purvanchal, Mirzapur District stands as a testament to the rich cultural historical past and natural splendor of Uttar Pradesh. From its famous hand-knotted carpets to the serene landscapes, Mirzapur beckons tourists with a promise of discovery and immersion in numerous tapestries.

Mirzapur district is one of the 70 districts of Uttar Pradesh state in east uttar Pradesh, India. The district is bounded on the north by Sant Ravidas Nagar and Varanasi districts, on the east by Chandauli district, on the south by Sonbhadra district, and the northwest by Allahabad district. The district occupies an area of 4521 km2. Mirzapur town is the district headquarters.

Mirzapur district is a part of Mirzapur division. This district is known for the Vindhyavasini temple in Vindhyachal. It consists of several Ghats where historical sculptures are still present. During the Ganges festival, these Ghats are decorated with lights and diyas. It is currently a part of the Red Corridor.

Mirzapur is situated at the bank of Ganges. You can enjoy a serene evening at one of the Ganges Gahts. The ghats in Mirzapur are relatively calm and quiet compare to Ganges Ghats of Varanasi and Allahabad. Visit Pakka Ghat to watch some rare and beautiful stone carving. It is situated in middle of the city and you can get Handrikshaw from any of the place in city.

Mirzapur District: Sub Districts (Tehsil) List

S. No.Tehsil Name
Handwoven Heritage: Carpet Industry

Mirzapur is globally acclaimed for its hand-knotted carpets, recognized for their quality and craftsmanship. Explore the intricacies of the carpet-making manner in neighborhood workshops, wherein generations of artisans have perfected this historical craft.

Cultural Treasures: Vindhyachal Temple

Vindhyachal temple is a must visit place. It is a temple of Goddess Vindhyavasini. Near to it, there are two other temples; one of Goddess Kaali (called Kaali Khoh) and other is Goddess Ashtbujha (called Ashtbhuja Devi Temple). All the three temples are situated in Vindhya Mountain and the “Darshan” (visit) to all the three temples completes the “Maha Trikon” (Great Triangle).


The view of scenic beauty from the top of Ashtbujha Temple is awesome. Auto rikshaws are readily available from Mirzapur Railway Station or other places of cities to complete the “Trikone”. They might charge around INR 100-150 Rs., if you reserve a single auto. At the time of Navratris(April and Oct-Nov) and Durga Puja festival, the temple attracts a great number of devotees from around the country.

Dargah of Kantit Shareef

The “Dargah of Kantit Shareef” (The mausoleum of Khavaja Esmile Chisti) is in the way to Vindhyavasini Temple and is a holy place for Hindus and Muslims both.

Natural Splendor: Sita Kund and Wyndham Falls

Mirzapur boasts natural wonders like Sita Kund, a sequence of ponds surrounded with the aid of lush greenery, and Wyndham Falls, where the water cascades gracefully in opposition to a scenic backdrop. These destinations provide a tranquil retreat into nature’s embrace.

Historical Significance: Chunar Fort

Explore the Chunar Fort, perched on the banks of the Ganges. With a records relationship again to the Gupta duration, the castle has witnessed the rise and fall of dynasties and gives panoramic views of the river.

Local Arts and Crafts: Clayware and Pottery

Discover the neighborhood arts scene with conventional clayware and pottery. Skilled artisans mould clay into problematic designs, keeping age-vintage techniques which have been surpassed down via generations.

Cultural Melange: Festivals and Melas

Mirzapur comes alive during festivals and melas, wherein the cultural vibrancy of the region takes center degree. The Ganga Mahotsav and Vindhya Mahotsav are celebrated with fervor, showcasing traditional track, dance, and crafts.

Plan Your Visit

Carpet Trail: Take a guided excursion through the carpet workshops to witness the art of carpet weaving.

Nature Retreat: Plan an afternoon ride to explore the serene herbal sights, along with Sita Kund and Wyndham Falls.

Mirzapur District invitations you to get to the bottom of its layers, from the creative mastery of handwoven carpets to the non secular resonance of its temples and the serene splendor of its landscapes. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a seeker of cultural experiences, Mirzapur guarantees a captivating adventure via the coronary heart of Purvanchal.

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