Mau District

Mau District: Unveiling the Beauty of Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh

Introduction of Mau District

Mau, now known as Maunath Bhanjan, is a town located in Uttar Pradesh, India. This town is the headquarters of the Mau district

Mau District in Uttar Pradesh unfolds as a mosaic of cultural heritage and dynamic landscapes. Nestled along the banks of the Tamsa River, it mirrors a serene beauty that captivates traffic. Rich in ancient significance, Mau boasts ancient temples, every narrating stories of its colourful past. The district’s particular charm extends to its bustling markets, where neighborhood crafts and conventional delicacies trap explorers. Mau stands as an agrarian haven, contributing drastically to Uttar Pradesh’s agricultural prosperity. With its combination of history, herbal splendor, and agricultural prowess, Mau gives a lovely sojourn for the ones looking for to uncover the numerous sides of Uttar Pradesh’s cultural tapestry.

Mau district is nestled in the heart of Purvanchal, an jap area of Uttar Pradesh, India. Known for its historic importance, scenic splendor, and cultural vibrancy, Mau gives a unique combo of subculture and modernity.

Mau District: Sub Districts (Tehsil) List

S. No.Tehsil Name
1.Maunath Bhanjan
2.Muhammadabad Gohna
History & Culture:

During the reign of Sher Shah Suri, the famous emperor who defeated Humayun, visited Kolhuvavan (Madhuban) to meet the great Sufi saint Syed Ahmad Wadva. Mahvani, one of the daughters of Sher Shah was settled permanently near the dargah of Syed Sahab.

The history of Mau is intertwined with the ancient roots of Purvanchal. The district has witnessed the rule of diverse dynasties and empires, contributing to its various historical tapestry. Mau has played a role in shaping the cultural and historic narrative of the place.


In 2011, Mau had population of 2,205,968 of which male and female were 1,114,709 and 1,091,259 respectively with population density of 1287 people per km2.In 2001 census, Mau had a population of 1,853,997 of which males were 933,523 and remaining 920,474 were females with population density of 1087 people per km2. There are 978 Females for every 1000 Male and child sex ratio of girls is 946 per 1000 boys in Mau, Which is above the national average of 940.


Mau is the industrial town of eastern UP. After demise of textile industry of Banares and Mubarakpur, Mau stands as one of the last bastion of textile hubs of UP. A 1998-99 survey of Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) puts number of powerlooms at 58,381.

Tourist Attractions

Shri Chitragupta Ji Temple:Explore the architectural beauty and spiritual importance of the Shri Chitragupta Ji Temple, a respected Hindu pilgrimage web site.

Qila Mahmoodabad:Visit the ancient Mahmoodabad Fort, offering a glimpse into the bygone technology and showcasing Mau’s architectural historical past.

Kairana Village:Experience the rural appeal of Kairana Village, regarded for its agricultural landscapes and conventional manner of lifestyles.

Shivdaspur:Discover the scenic beauty of Shivdaspur, a serene vicinity surrounded by greenery and natural splendor.

Natural Landscapes

Mau is blessed with picturesque landscapes, such as lush fields, meandering rivers, and verdant hills. The tranquility of the environment makes it a really perfect destination for nature fanatics and those in search of a non violent retreat.


Indulge within the nearby delicacies, proposing flavors specific to Purvanchal. From highly spiced chaat to delectable chocolates, Mau’s culinary services are a treat for the taste buds.

How to Reach

Mau district is well-related via street and rail. The nearest airport is in Varanasi, presenting handy get admission to for air travelers.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you’re drawn to records, lifestyle, or the splendor of nature, Mau district in Purvanchal invites you to embark on a adventure of exploration and discovery. Plan your go to to enjoy the quality that this location has to offer.

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