Purvanchal Districts

Purvanchal Districts: Discover the Mosaic

Welcome to the tapestry of Purvanchal, where every district unfolds a unique story of tradition, records, and herbal splendor. The Purvanchal Districts page is your gateway to exploring the numerous landscapes and colorful groups that together define the essence of the Bhojpuri region of East Uttar Pradesh.

The proposed Purvanchal state has 19 districts but this is not the final number, some districts can be added from UP and border districts of Bihar. Total Population of Purvanchal is 7.653 Cr(2011 census).

Purvanchal Districts List

1-Gorakhpur District

Gorakhpur District

Gorakhpur is a city in the east part of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, near the border with Nepal. It is the administrative headquarters of Gorakhpur District and Gorakhpur Division. The city is also home to many historic Buddhist sites, Imambara, an 18th century dargah, and the Gita Press.

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2-Varanasi District

Vanarasi District

Varanasi also commonly known as Benares or Banaras and Kashi, is a city situated on the banks of the Ganges in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, 320 kilometres southeast of state capital Lucknow. It is regarded as a holy city by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and the oldest in India.

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3-Prayagraj District

Allahabad District

Allahabad is a major city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is the administrative headquarters of the Allahabad District. Allahabad is the seventh most populous city in Uttar Pradesh, with an estimated population of 1.74 million living in the city and district area. In 2011, it was ranked the world’s 130th fastest-growing city.

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4-Bhadohi District

Bhadohi District

Sant Ravidas Nagar District was created on June 30, 1994 as the 65th district of the State. The district is famous for its carpets in universally. Areawise it is the smallest district of Uttar Pradesh. Sant Ravidas Nagar’s(SRN) old name was BHADOHI. Mayawati government changed this district’s name from Bhadohi to Sant Ravidas Nagar. It is famous by the sobriquet of “Carpet City”.

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5-Pratapgarh District

PratapGarh District

Pratapgarh, also called Bela, Bela Pratapgarh, Partapgarh or Partabgarh, is a city and nagar panchayat of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the administrative headquarters of Pratapgarh district, part of the Allahabad Division. Pratapgarh is the birthplace of the national poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan.

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6-Mirzapur District

Mirzapur District

Mirzapur About this sound pronunciation is a city in the heart of North India, nearly 650 km between Delhi and Kolkata and also equidistant from Allahabad and Varanasi. Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Mirzapur has a population of 233,691 (2011 census) and is renowned for its famous carpet and brassware industry.

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7-jaunpur District

Jaunpur District

The district of Jaunpur is situated in the North-West part of Varanasi Division. Its land area extends from 24.240N to 26.120N latitude and between 82.70E and 83.50E longitudes. Its altitude varies from 261 ft to 290 ft. above M.S.L. (Mean Sea Level). The topography of the district is mainly a flat plain with shallow river-balleys.

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8-Chandauli District

Chandauli District

Chandauli is a town and a nagar panchayat in Chandauli district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the administrative headquarters of Chandauli District. Chandauli became a separate district on May 20, 1997.

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9-Ghazipur District

Ghazipur District

Ghazipur previously spelled Ghazeepore, is a city/town and a municipal corporation and headquarter of Ghazipur district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Back to the past, it was a place of administration under Guptas dynasty too than earlier as described in Hindu Mythology, as kingdom of King Vishvamitra, who later changed into saint and popularly known as Maharshi Vishwamitra.

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10-Kushinagar District

Kushinagar District

It finds mention in epic Ramayan as the city of Kusha the son of Ram, the famous king of Ayodhya. Kushinagar was a celebrated center of the Malla kingdom of ancient India. Later, it would be known as Kushinara, one of the most important four holy sites for Buddhists.

At this location, near the Hiranyavati River, Gautama Buddha attained Parinirvana (or ‘Final Nirvana’) after falling ill from eating a meal of a species of mushroom, or possibly pork.

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11-Deoria District

Deoria District

The area now known as the Deoria District was once a part of the Kosala Kingdom – a prime centre of ancient Aryan culture surrounded by the Himalayas in the north, the Shyandika river in the south, the Panchala Kingdom in the west and the Magadh Kingdom in Bihar to the east.

Apart from the many legends told about this area, archaeological remains, such as statues, coins, bricks, temples, and Budh Maths, have been discovered at many locations in this district.

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12-Azamgarh District

Azamgarh District

Azamgarh, one of the easternmost districts of the State, once formed a part of the ancient Kosala kingdom, except the north-eastern part of it which Azam Khan died in Kannauj in 1675 A.D. After the attack of Chabile Ram, Azmat Khan fled northwards followed by the interior forces.

He attempted to cross the Ghaghra into Gorakhpur, but the people on the other side opposed his landing, and he was either shot in mid stream or was drowned in attempting to escape by swimming.

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13-Mau District

Mau District

Mau district is a part of Azamgarh Division. Mau district is situated in the south-eastern part of the state with headquarters at Mau town. The district is surrounded by Ghazipur district on the south, Ballia district in the east and Azamgarh district in the west.and north side surrounded by Gorkhpur.

Varansi touches some area in south side.The river Ghagra forms its northern boundary and south boundary touch Tamsa river.

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14-Maharajganj District

Maharajganj District

Maharajganj district is one of the 71 districts of Uttar Pradesh state in northern India, and the town of Maharajganj is the district headquarters.Maharajganj district comprises 4 tehsils: Maharajganj Sadar, Nautanwa, Nichlaul and Pherada.

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15-Basti District

Basti District

Basti was originally known as village. The origin of the name Vaishishthi is attributed to the fact that this area was the Ashram of Rishi (sage) Vashistha in ancient period. Lord rama with his younger brother laxman had been here for some time with rishi vasistha.

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16-Sant Kabir Nagar District

SantKabirNagar District

Sant Kabir Nagar district is one of the 72 districts of Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. Khalilabad town is the district headquarters. Sant Kabir Nagar district is a part of Basti Division. The district is bounded on the north by Siddharthnagar and Maharajganj districts, on the east by Gorakhpur district.

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17-Siddharth Nagar District

Siddharth Nagar District

Siddharth Nagar district is one of the 71 districts of Uttar Pradesh state in Northern India. Navgarh town is the district headquarters. Siddharth Nagar district is a part of Basti division. The district is known for the ruins of the Shakya Janapada, at Piprahwa. 22 km from the district headquarters Navgarh.

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18-Ballia District

Ballia District

Ballia district is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state, India. Ballia district is a part of Azamgarh Division situated in eastern Part of Uttar Pradesh. Main occupation is agriculture. Ballia City is district headquarters and commercial Market of this district. There are six Tehsil (Taluka) in this district viz Ballia,Bansdih Rasra, Bairiya,sikandarpur, and Belthara.

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19-Sonbhadra District

Sonbhadra District

Sonbhadra or Sonebhadra is the 2nd largest district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It lies in the extreme southeast of the state, and is bounded by Mirzapur District to the northwest, Chandoli District to the north, Kaimur and Rohtas districts of Bihar state to the northeast, Garhwa district of Jharkhand state to the east, Koriya and Surguja districts of Chhattisgarh state to the south, and Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh state to the west.

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