Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority (GIDA):Pioneering Industrial Growth

Gida- Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority
Gida- Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority


GIDA (Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority) is the big industrial area for Purvanchal which is situated on the Gorakhpur to Lucknow East-West corridor. More than 200 manufacturing units are working and playing tremendous roles in developing this region and country.

The Best benefit of Gida is its location on an east-west corridor and directly connected to Bihar and Nepal. Some private institutions provide skilled manpower for growing enterprises and this is no power cut zone.

Gida is proposed to be developed with the state of the art technology and engineering, the most modern architectural emphasis is being laid on developing it as a green city to ensure a pollution-free environment.


GIDA boasts contemporary infrastructure designed to meet the evolving desires of industries. The properly deliberate business estates provide quite a number of centers, from production gadgets to logistics and warehousing, ensuring continuing operational enjoyment for agencies.

Strategic Location:

Nestled in the coronary heart of Uttar Pradesh, GIDA enjoys a strategic area with splendid connectivity through avenue, rail, and air. Proximity to most important transportation hubs allows efficient logistics, making it a great desire for groups looking to enlarge their footprint in the place.

Facilities and Amenities:

GIDA is dedicated to offering an enterprise-friendly environment with cutting-edge facilities and amenities. This consists of dependable electricity delivery, water resources, waste control systems, and connectivity infrastructure, ensuring that groups can perform smoothly and sustainably.

Investment Opportunities:

Businesses looking for a dynamic and growth-oriented environment will find enough investment possibilities at GIDA. The authority offers guidance and incentives to attract each home and international investors, fostering a collaborative environment for sustainable commercial development.

How to Partner with GIDA:

For businesses inquisitive about partnering with GIDA, the system is easy. Contact the GIDA office for designated facts on to be had plots, investment rules, and any precise necessities. The committed group at GIDA is committed to assisting groups at every stage in their growth journey.