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ePurvanchal.com, a portal for describing the top tourist destinations and beauty of the diverse culture of East Uttar Pradesh, India. Website is your digital guide to East Uttar Pradesh with Purvanchal rich history, vibrant culture and historical landmarks and natural wonders. Join us on a virtual journey through the heart of Purvanchal.

Geographically Purvanchal includes the east Uttar Pradesh districts and some west districts of Bihar that cover the larger Bhojpuri region. Some of oldest cities of living cities in the world, Purvanchal has always been appealing to people from everywhere for numerous reasons.

Purvanchal has major tourist attractions like Ayodhya birthplace of Lord Ram, Varanasi an oldest city where sacred Ganga River flows alongside of ghats and temples, Prayagraj where three holi rivers with triveni sangam, Gorakhpur the land of Guru Gorakhnath and sant Kabir and Kushinagar the place of Lord Buddha. All tourist destinations has own history, culture and heritage.

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Top Destinations: Embark on a Spiritual Pilgrimage

Find the most visited places in Purvanchal. Each of the places has a rich history that connects us to ancient India and leaves an indelible impression in our minds.

Discover Purvanchal

Discover Art, Festivals, Cuisines, traditions, Customs and Literature in the Purvanchal Uttar Pradesh. Purvanchal is heart of Uttar Pradesh has rich Culture and heritage from classic art to modern age.

Art & Culture

Purvanchal has four divisions for art and culture, each one unique to itself.


Blessed by the Holy water of the Ganges, it is one of the most fertile regions.


Purvanchal is known for its elaborate food preparations, for all types of foodies.

Fair & Festivals

Diwali, Chhat, Dusshera, Holi and Raksha Bandhan are celebrated majorly.

Language & Literature

Land of famous litterateurs, the primary language spoken here, is Bhojpuri.

Things to Buy

Benarasi Saree, Carpets, Brass Items or Terracotta, each one is an industry.

Latest Articles

This is Purvanchal Blog section where we will provide blog on place of historical, religious, philosophy, Hill stations, tips, foods and much more topics where visitor can comment and suggestions so we can improve this portal.

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